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I TESTED a “92% win rate” Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy with NO STOP LOSS – Scalping Strategy 😱

I TESTED a “92% win rate” Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy with NO STOP LOSS – Scalping Strategy

In today’s video, we go over a simple Bollinger bands trading strategy that one of our subscribers has sent us. If you would like to learn how to trade forex using the Bollinger bands trading strategy or you just want to know about its efficiency, then this video is for you.

We have previously made two videos where we trade forex using a Bollinger bands trading strategy, we have also tested a Bollinger bands trading strategy 100 times before. We have received many requests from our subscribers asking us to get their Bollinger bands trading strategy tested using an expert advisor. It’s probably the most effective way to test a trading strategy as all the trades are made automatically.

When we look at the Bollinger Bands trading strategy, it looks like a great indicator to trade Forex, the price seems to always respect the bands. So imagine if we sell when the price touches the upper band and exit when it touches the lower one. That sounds pretty obvious, right? How successful would be this strategy in your opinion? that’s what we will learn today!

A few weeks ago, we received a strategy from Asim Shaikh who’s one of our subscribers. He wanted us to backtest a simple Bollinger Bands trading strategy that has according to him a success rate of 90%. So far, he has been backtesting it manually using the replay mode and Excel spreadsheet.

Thanks, Asim for this strategy! let’s give it a try using an expert advisor this time.

The best thing about this Bollinger bands trading strategy that Asim sent us is its simplicity. it is only relying on the Bollinger Bands indicator that I am sure that you guys are familiar with.
It’s probably one of the most simple trading indicators that you can think of.

No worries. I will explain this strategy in detail and go through some examples from the chart, we will learn when to enter and exit the market. and once done, we will backtest the strategy together and see how profitable it is. So keep watching till the end!

This strategy relies entirely on the Bollinger Bands indicator which is a technical analysis tool defined by a set of trendlines plotted two standard deviations (positively and negatively) away from a simple moving average of a security’s price, but which can be adjusted to user preferences. Bollinger Bands are a type of price envelope developed by John Bollinger, the price envelopes define upper and lower price range levels.

So before you consider using the Bollinger bands trading strategy, remember to backtest your setup multiples times as this technical indicator can be misleading and might lead you to enter low probability setups.

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